Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tulsa, OK

it occurs to me that i have not written in a coon's age.
what can i say? my life is topsy-turvy.

i am currently in Tulsa, OK, which turns out to be a quite lovely town and this opera company is really nice to work for. they provide housing in a high-rise apartment building which is not wildly fancy but very nice to live in for a month. for some reason, working in smaller regional opera companies automatically means longer hours for the production staff. basically because not every one is in the union and thus there are no rules to keep us from working from 8am to 1am which happened a couple of times. but only during tech week and we all know it is coming, so we just do it. the upside is, once the show has opened i don't have a LOT to do... just watch the show, take notes, give the notes, solve any problems. and i have days off in between!
which i am spending playing my favorite game "my couch is an island." the object of this game is to see how many consecutive hours you can spend on your couch without getting up. i have my laptop, the opera that i am working on next, some snacks, some books, a tv remote, the telephone (though this is used only in dire emergencies). it is my goal to not speak to any other human the entire day, and balance my time between work (preparing for upcoming shows) and restful activities like crocheting, reading, etc.

i am kind of stressed out because the big show i am directing in amarillo begins on monday. i have known about this show for a year, and have done lots of prep work but you can never be too prepared. what i am learning is that it is a lot more productive to push out any negative thoughts about lack of prep or self-doubt and just dedicate yourself to a solid hour of hard work at a time. amazing how much you can accomplish.

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