Friday, May 18, 2007

Haiku mania takes over nation/Opera in the Park

It was bound to happen. Good things always happen in groups, don't they? Just as I reveal to the world my new haiku obsession, one of my regular blog-reads posts a "high-fashion haiku." See this post on Daddy Likey for said poem.

In other news, Houston is gorgeous. Normally it is already hot and disgusting in May, but for some reason, nature is giving us a break and it is stunningly beautiful outside. I am finding myself spending a lot of time in outdoor cafes. Not a bad thing.

This lovely weather is just in time for one of my favorite events: Miller Outdoor Theatre's Opera in the Park.
A few nights of the year, Houstonians have the opportunity to pack up their picnic blankets and coolers, and head to Hermann Park, where, for absolutely free, we can sit under the stars, bat away life-threatening mosquitoes and sweat buckets while watching an opera. This is the good life. Really. I think most any opera is better when one has full freedom to nosh on random goodies, really stretch the legs, maybe giggle quietly in the dull parts, or even take a small nap if needed. Plus it is a rare chance to see much of Houston's music world all in one place on one night. This town is overrun with great musical opportunities (again, not a bad thing), but it seems most of the folks I want to see make time for this event. The show is Houston Grand Opera's production of Hansel and Gretel. I am quite looking forward to it.