Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well gentle readers, I find myself in an odd position this week: time off and no REAL pressure to get much done. Of course there is a never-ending list of things that I would be wise to get done. A short sample:

1. work on MacBeth (this is the most pressing of course, and I assuage my guilt by spending some time on it every day. but i'm not knocking myself out. please don't remind me of this if i am freaking out next month sometime.)
2. cleaning out my car, clearing out material goods that are superfluous in my life.
3. cleaning out my storage unit.
4. learning some new opera.
5. planning my trip to UK.
6. looking into language schools for next summer.
7. going to a museum.

Instead, I sleep late, have coffee with friends, bum around on my computer (finally got the replacement from evil corporate giant HP!), write really boring blog entries.

I am trying to really soak up this luxury instead of wasting time feeling guilty about it. I start work in Dallas on Monday, and won't have much spare time then!

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