Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another installment of Sharing Meaningful Lyrics with Tara...

Yesterday I was putting a lot of my CD collection onto my Ipod, and I ran across this beautiful song that I fell in love with when I was doing all my research on women composers. As usual, both the music (by Lori Laitman) and the text (by Sara Teasdale) are entrancing to me. I haven't figured out how to put music samples on my blog... (where is the "youtube" of music?)... but here is the text...

The Metropolian Tower

We walked together in the dusk
To watch the tower grow dimly white,
And saw it lift against the sky
Its flower of amber light.

You talked of half a hundred things,
I kept each hurried word you said;
And when at last the hour was full,
I saw the light turn red.

You did not know the time had come,
You did not see the sudden flower,
Nor know that in my heart Love's birth
Was reckoned from that hour.

Why does this break my heart? Well, the music is wildly lovely... trailing piano riffs, a very melancholy tone, gorgeous melody. It speaks of possibility but also emptiness and loss. And a sense of being a larger person for having experienced that loss.
Specifically the poem reminds me of so much of my time in New York City...I was in a troubled relationship...did a lot of crying...but there are moments that I shared with that man were incredibly special and precious to me.

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  1. Lori Laitman9:28 PM

    Thanks for the kind words about my song:) and the great photo of The Metropolitan Tower!
    all best,
    Lori Laitman