Saturday, December 08, 2007

italian haiku not possible

Italian haiku
is not possible, I think.
Too many sylla...

hahaha. but seriously, i have spent some time on this... not a lot, but some... and since even the simplest italian words have 2 or 3 syllables it makes the 5-7-5 limit pretty restricting. i will keep you posted as developments arise.

in other news, as i am wandering around the streets here, i spend most of my time obsessing about one stupid thing or another that i can't control, or crafting italian conversations in my mind. since at this point i have the conversational skills of a 3 year old, these conversations are neccessarily rather brief, but matching up all the tenses and types of verbs with the cases of adjectives, etc provides hours of scintillating entertainment. Since I really only know one tense at this point, everything I say sounds a bit like an overly demanding, slightly hyper-caffeinated child. "I WANT COFFEE. IN THE MORNING IT PLEASES ME TO TAKE THE COFFEE."

For a hysterical account of similar troubles, see the "Jesus Shaves" chapter of David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day. The man is a genius.

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  1. "Me Talk Pretty One Day" may be the best read in a foreign country. I have read it twice. Glad you're enjoying it!