Saturday, December 15, 2007

Siena, or Freezing My Buns Off

How can one little duo make me so very happy? Today's clip is in honor of my current linguistic struggle...

In other news, it is a gorgeous Saturday in Tuscany and I thought I should take a little day trip to Siena... forever hence known as THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH. I enjoyed a lovely quiet bus ride to this nearby town, admired the olive groves and rolling hills of the tuscan countryside, and arrived in the center of town to be greeting by an arctic wind like nothing I have ever felt. I don't think it was the Black Plague that killed 1/3 of this medieval town's population... somebody's daddy forgot to pay the heating bill. Siena is a jewel. Truly lovely, and while yes, fairly swamped with tourists, not as bad as Firenze. That said, DO NOT GO THERE IN MID-DECEMBER FOR A CASUAL DAY TRIP unless you want to spend the afternoon wiping icy tear-sicles off of your numb, solid cheeks. Intrepid travel tip writer, I am.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    thanks for the tip please post some pics I would love to see.
    Your coffee swap partner

  2. Ooo la la! Thank God for YouTube, or I would be completely oblivious to modern culture.