Saturday, December 29, 2007

The wonders of technology

I am writing you today from the comfort of my nice hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah, gorgeous mountain view right outside by bedroom window. And do you want to know how I am connected to the internet?! THROUGH MY FREAKING CELL PHONE!!! That's right folks. With the wonders of modern technology, I now have the ability to get online anywhere that I get cell phone reception.

No more aimless wandering in new cities, trying to find a friendly wireless café.
No more waiting around for days an opera company's former tech support/newspaper delivery boy to try to find the network password that he wrote down on the back of a receipt somewhere.

It is all within my control. MUHAHHAAHA!

I realize of course that this technology is not the newest ever, but I am wildly pleased when something very small makes my life quantitatively more pleasant.

In other news, this little article (click) from CuteOverload is incredibly sweet.

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