Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I spent my day off

Today was my day off from Tosca at Dallas Opera... so of course I spent (am spending) the entire day working on my impending Magic Flute! I drove up to the music library at UNT in Denton, and spent several hours availing myself of the wealth of research material there. god i love a good library.

speaking of prep for a show, if you are interested in the "process" of directing opera, do check out my other blog... Dido & Aeneas 2008. It is, of course, centered around the new production of Dido I am doing in May, and thus includes a lot of Dido-specific material, but I also talk (and will talk more) about the whole process from beginning to end.

Back to flute.... isn't this set lovely? It is coming from Opera Philly, and you can see other pics at their site if you are interested.

It has its limitations of course, but I love how the fairy tale feel of it. No sterile pyramids here!!

I also watched parts of a video they had at UNT. Cripes, it was cute. Warm and funny and used old fashioned painted drops in very inventive ways... Classical, but not stiff. Just incredibly charming. In fact, don't bother to come see my show, just pop this in and enjoy it in your pajamas... and you can fast forward through the dull spots (or watch the entire thing at 1.4speed like I do). This is how opera should be done.

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