Wednesday, May 07, 2008

this is why i love dance

I am in rehearsals now for Dido & Aeneas (which I am directing for Mercury Baroque). I spend my days with the dancers (from Dominic Walsh Dance Theater) and then work with singers at night... and I tell you, it is just exhilarating sitting there watching them make beauty on a moment by moment basis. I have worked with Dominic on a few shows... stage managing...and it is such a different world than opera production. Their vocabulary, their timeline, their way of understanding space and their place in it.... it is like being on a different planet... a strange and beautiful planet that takes my breath away, and sometimes makes me laugh out loud.

I just discovered that DWDT has a load of videos on YouTube. Check out this clip from "I Napoletani", a show I stage managed for them last spring. This was one of my favorite numbers in the show. I love me some witty dancing, people.

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