Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 15: oops

Don't do it Papageno!! Everyone makes mistakes!
(the lovely Corey McKern as Papageno)

oops. if anyone is counting, you may have noticed that I missed a day in my thirty day challenge to write a blog post every stinkin day. Day 14, slam in the middle. geez. and I was so proud of my progress, even if they haven't been the most scintillating entries ever.

this is a perfect opportunity to practice ye olde "make a mistake, but move on" type philosophy. So here we are! First thing in the morning, a new blog. entry. And what topic?.... more Magic Flute pictures of course!

Tamino (Vail Rideout) escapes a dragon.

3 Ladies, escaped from a Vegas floorshow, admire Tamino. (i kid, i kid)
(Katrina Thurman, Korby Myrick, Chandra Eggers)

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  1. Kade Smith11:28 PM

    OMG I know Katrina Thurman! She's the coolest ever. Tell her hi from Kade!