Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2: Animal Vegetable Miracle

it is late-ish and though i really want to turn out my light and hit the sack, here i am, writing a blog entry........ because i said i would. Who says i have no discipline?

And here is the topic of the day: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver. I just finished the book yesterday and let me say, it is an incredible read. The story of a family that moves to Appalachia and vows to consume only food products that they grow themselves or that can be found within 100 miles of their home. Not only is it a fun "what adventures we had" kind of read, but it is also a meditation on the state of agriculture in the modern world, the demise of the small farm and what it means for our present and our future when we can purchase peaches any month of the year from all over the world. Never have I wanted my own bit of earth so badly. In the meantime, I am seeking out local produce. Please read this book.


  1. I picked up this book in the airport on my way back from TX in May. A great read! And so timely, with many folks starting gardens for the first time, raising chickens in the city, etc. due to crazy food prices. We have no idea about the true cost of things.

  2. You always finish stuff before me! I still have about 90 pages to go and it is revolutionizing my thoughts. I feel sick to my stomach and then ridiculously excited and then back again all in about 45 seconds, but it's sooo good! Wanna go in on some chickens and goats??? :)