Friday, June 06, 2008


Hi all.
I know I have been ominously silent for the last week or two. What can I say?... the creative juices are kind of tapped right now.

I am back in Central City for the summer. (see haiku here). It is gorgeous as always. I am a slob in my house(room)-keeping as always. It is kind of a wierd time...because I am on the show that opens last, I came in quite a bit later than most of the folks here, and thus, don't really know everyone. In fact, I have only met about 4 singers so far. Ridiculous, eh?

So my days are spent prepping for the show I am working on this summer... Susannah.... and my nights are spent mostly avoiding studying the scenes I need to start directing ASAP. Queen of avoidance, I am.

Thus concludes what may be the most tedious blog post in recent history. thank you.

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