Saturday, July 12, 2008

To Do List

I am inspired by so many blogs I read! I've really been impressed with Little Miss Bossy's Ultimate To Do List. You should see it.

Anyway, I have been inspired to write an Ultimate To Do List of my own. Several of the items are stolen directly from LMB, but give me time... I am developing my own flavor!

1. Own a Vespa.
2. Foster kittens for the Humane Society
3. Spend a weekend at a mountain lodge with a fireplace and good conversation
4. Fall in love for keeps
5. Learn to paint
6. Have a meaningful conversation in italian (that does not have to do with stage directions)
7. Pet a tiger. Live to tell about it.
8. Make 50 sales on etsy
9. Do a double bill production of dido & aeneas and acteon.
10. Have a desk with everything in its place, beautifully labeled.
11. Live in a cottage with ivy and rambling roses.
12. Be debt-free
13. Direct or design an opera that causes someone to say to me: "It took my breath away."
14. Eat a meal at The French Laundry.
15. Go horseback riding.
16. Make a bike my primary transport for a whole month.
17. Grow tomatoes
18. Go kayaking.
19. Become a regular postcard correspondent.
20. Work as a florist.

More to follow, I promise. Feel free to offer suggestions or post your ultimate to do list in the comments!!


  1. This might also be called a "Bucket List" which I informally started after seeing the movie by that name. Understandably, younger folks might not like that name, but the premise is the same; we senior citizens just have to work faster to satisfy our list before we kick the bucket!

  2. You and I are so alike in so many ways!

    I, too, have always wanted a Vespa and will grow tomatoes that I will admire from my very beautiful and super organized desk. :)