Saturday, October 18, 2008

catch up

Ok, I teased you all with "big news" and since I am apparently NOT going to get off my keister and take pics, I will do the big reveal in words: I AM MOVED INTO AN APARTMENT! Yessiree, after three long years of suitcases and wandering, I have taken the plunge and signed a lease in Houston, with roomie "Lih'ul Susie Draper" (best said with a thick Scottish brogue... not that she is Scottish, but it is just more fun that way).

Maybe I will be more inspired to take some pics once I have gotten some furniture and actually unpacked, but that will not be this weekend. Why, you may ask? Well this is what I have been up to lately:
  1. Mainly, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater's Titus Andronicus, which opened on Thursday and got a great review by the way: here. I am the stage manager/prop master. yarg.
  2. Moving. (see above).
  3. Working on the script for a show I am doing at Utah Opera in a couple of weeks.
  4. Reading "Human: the Science behind what Makes Us Unique" for a book club I am supposed to be attending Sunday night.
  5. Fretting over my long long hair.
  6. Dealing with some small personal drama. (nothing to freak out about.... but nothing I want to write about online!)
shwew.... also, this morning I took a walk on the most beautiful of Houston mornings. Really. It is currently 59 degrees outside and it is lush and lovely and not oppressively humid. My new pad overlooks the pool area of our complex and there is a great deal of vegetation. I met one of my neighbors yesterday and she might become a pal. I am about to head out for brunch at one of my favorite outdoor cafes. It is a lovely day.

ps. How do you spell "keister"? My German experience tells me it should be "i-e" but that just doesn't look right. Internet to the rescue: It is a tricky word with an interesting history.

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