Sunday, November 02, 2008

David Duchovny I love you

Can you tell I am on a gig where I have a fair amount of free time and not a ton of pals? hehe

Ya know how you put things in your Netflix queue and then just forget they are there until they arrive at your doorstep? I recently got Californication, a Showtime series featuring David Duchovny, a messed up alcoholic/sexoholic constantly trying to patch things up with his ex-wife and straighten his life out. The first couple of episdoes were full of nudity and gratuitous sex (hence the title), but if you make it past that, you are rewarded with a really touching show.... and David Duchovny is kind of a revelation. He has never been my favorite, but this is a role he was born to play: dry, witty, sharp, but broken and vulnerable while super-cool all at once. His relationship with his daughter is just so lovely to watch. And he makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis (the writers have something to do with this, I am sure, but its the delivery that gets me!). Anyway, I am putting it on my list of recommendations. Do it.


  1. Pamela7:46 AM

    It just creeps me out a little that "mia" isplayed by the girl who played Gracie on The Nanny... but brilliant show, I agree!

  2. o wow. I had been trying (unsuccessfully) to mentally place that girl. wierd. and yes, kind of creepy.