Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Situation "Normal"

So here I am, having some time off between gigs. This is the longest I have ever gone between gigs, which is kind of extraordinary and great.... great that I have been working so much for the past several years, and great that I am beginning to enjoy the fruits of moving "up the ladder." The big question I get: What are you doing with yourself and all that free time?

This is what I did yesterday:
1. Got up early.
2. Went for a walk (stopped by post office)
3. Made a big vat of oatmeal.
4. Cleaned kitchen.
5. Laundry.
6. Went thru big stack of bills/address change/to-be-filed
7. Lunch (Homemade clam chowder leftovers)
8. Read book for book club (Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance)
9. Studied music for the Houston Chamber Choir Christmas concert.
10. Organized paperbin.
11. Looked at Hansel & Gretel schedule a bit.
12. Afternoon walk/jog.
13. Made dinner. (Hamburgers and hand-cut seasoned fries)
14. Chamber Choir rehearsal.
15. Talk with roomie.
16. Read some more before bed.

Scintillating stuff, right? I might occasionally mix it up with a lunch or coffee date. I am also beginning to sprinkle in a bit more score study for winter/spring projects. It is not a shabby life. Frankly, I have unpacked enough books from my storage unit for a small-ish library and many of them could stand a second read. I think I will be well occupied for the next couple of weeks at least.


  1. What?! You're in a book club? I'm about to go all SWF on you. I wanna be TF!

  2. Hey, I'd be up for one of those lunch or coffee dates. What do you say?

    Also, I adored the book you're reading, and CameraMan is reading it right now.