Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupon madness


This winter a pal of mine mentioned how he and his fiancee had seriously gotten into couponing. An unusual habit for two twenty-somethings with no kids, I thought, until he started to spill on the deals he had gotten. Basically they have not paid for a cosmetic, house-cleaning or health and beauty product in about two years. WHAT?! So I began diligently saving coupon inserts from the Sunday paper and glancing through the weekly circulars for CVS and Walgreens drugstores. I determined I would not ever clip a coupon for something I would not already be purchasing.

And today I hit the motherload:

Pantene shampoo
Pantene conditioner
Softsoap Body Wash w/moisture beads
2 tubes of Crest toothpaste
12 rolls of Charmin UltraSoft....


I kid you not.

I am not nearly smart enough to explain it all, but there are lots of folks on the internet who can. I limit myself to CVS only so I don't get confused, and the lady at Couponing 101 is pretty great at pointing out combinations.

Now I am off to roll my hair and make a jello mold before the gals in bridge club arrive.

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