Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morning ritual

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Morning rituals.... ah.... I love them.
Here's mine of late:
  1. Wake up at 7:23. I don't know how I do this every single day, or why. Sometimes I force myself to lie there a bit longer, but usually can't stand to do it past 8am.
  2. Stagger to bathroom. (pee.)
  3. Weigh myself.
  4. Brush teeth without toothpaste.
  5. Take vitamins, medicine.
  6. To kitchen... start coffee.
  7. Open blinds in living room.
  8. Empty and/or load dishwasher.
  9. Water container garden, look at pool, note the weather.
  10. Get coffee.
  11. To bedroom.... rip off page on page-a-day calendar.
Then, when I am in "productive" mode I spend some time working... either score study, or reading a book or thinking about whatever project I am on. I really feel I am most concentrated and productive early in the morning. This is why, when I am directing a show, I almost always prefer to start rehearsals later in the day... I really like to use my brain time in solitude, and being in a group rehearsal will force me to use it later in the day, whereas if I am alone I will be useless.

THEN ..... I exercise. This is the part that sometimes is cast aside. I really prefer to exercise in the morning, but sometimes I feel I cannot stop the brain action stuff once it is underway. Lately I have exercised in the afternoon, so that is going okay.

THEN... Turn on the computer. There are habits here too:
  1. Connect to internet. (duh. How did I live before this magical invention?)
  2. Open 5 tabs.
  3. Check Yahoo mail.
  4. Check Gmail.
  5. Look at Google Calendar.
  6. Look at my financial software that tells me what is happening in all my accounts. This amazing service is free. And amazing.
  7. Look at Google Reader. Spend way too much time reading blogs. God I love them. My own personalized magazine that refreshes every 10 seconds.
What do YOU do with your morning? Do you find inordinate pleasure in repeating the same activities every day?

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