Monday, June 15, 2009

Back in the saddle

Hi all. I find myself back in Central City, Colorado for the summer, working for the 3rd year on directing staff at the Opera Festival here. Working here (or at any summer festival, I imagine) is a strange blend of hair-pulling stress and mind-numbing boredom, all set with a backdrop of the lovely Rocky Mountains.

The stress: 3 mainstage shows rehearsing and performing in rep, 2 of which have cover casts that get their own performance (one of which I am in charge of); 1 chamber opera (I am directing); and an entire repertoire of scenes (I am directing 4 of them).... and one of my main jobs is scheduling all of this without sending anyone into overtime or the hospital for mental and physical exhaustion. Also, when my mainstage show is in full swing, my own schedule is pretty relentless.

The boredom: the mountains are lovely, yes, but we are 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store. Also, as an AD, usually when I have time off it is because everyone else is involved with a rehearsal or performance for another show, leaving me at loose ends... no one to put to work in a rehearsal OR socialize with!

So what is a girl to do? A lot of planning, a lot of reading, a lot of dvd-watching.

Any good summer reading suggestions??? or movies I MUST see?

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  1. I'm reading the Twilight series. Any Nora Roberts or JD Robb novels are good also. The "Cat Who" series are also very good. They are fun mysteries and about 26 books in all. I can't remember the author's name.

    Have fun with your "down" time and keep the journal coming. Those of us stuck in one place can live through folks like you who can travel. Kathy