Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the expansion & contraction of time

We are coming to the end of our season here in Central City, meaning the huge portion of my work here is done, and I find myself with heaps more free time. You might imagine this is a great thing, and for the first couple of days it is... I am getting more sleep, and the sleep I get is more restful. I am doing some reading. I am catching up on my Netflix and the huge pile of unread blogs in my inbox. And then after about 2 days of this, I have had enough! I find myself feeling generally antsy, ready to move on to the next project.... which for me is finding a new apartment.

Things I am finding delight in today:
  1. Seeing the Rinaldo 2nd cast perform for a full house!
  2. Discovering that an artist I have long admired is the sister of a blogger I read regularly!
  3. Coffee in bed.
  4. The Today Show via Itunes
  5. Planning for a trip to Carlsbad Caverns!
  6. Dreaming of new apartment decor
  7. My impending drive home. Sometimes a long car trip is just the thing.

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