Friday, October 16, 2009

bits and pieces

You know I am ensconced in a show when I am mysteriously silent for long periods of time... and thus is the case lately. It has been a whirlwind week!
  1. We fear our show may be cursed.... we've been through 3 sopranos already (the first never even made it to day one!) and now expect a new one to arrive on Tuesday.... AFTER the three huge piano techs and 2 days before Piano Dress. This in addition to cast members with death in the family (entailing international travel), late arrivals, swine flu in the family (quarantine!), and births. Let's just say production staff feels well rehearsed about now.
  2. Had a bit of a kerfuffle (new favorite word) in the ol' personal life. Without going into detail, another little chink in my belief in the ultimate good nature of mankind has been hacked away. Emphasis on the MAN. :) A little bruised, but mostly relieved at this point. bleh.
  3. Kind of love our director (another late arrival). We had been rehearsing the show up to this point with the associate director (whom I also am quite fond of), and I was a little anxious to know how things would shake up when the official director arrived so late in the game... but as it works out, he is lovely. yay.
  4. To soothe my stress about this week, I splurged and purchased a print I have been admiring for some time. I've salivated over the captivating photography of Erin Tyner forever, and this one is my favorite. As I am busily making my nest in a new place, I thought it was time the print came home to me!
Isn't she lonely? and beautiful? and a little creepy?

So that is the news from my little corner of Houston. Weather alternates between disgustingly hot and muggy, to gorgeous, perfect tropical Fall. Foster kitty Duke is still with me (how do I give him back?! Anyone need an awesome orange/white tabby?). All is well. Hope all is well with you.

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