Thursday, December 10, 2009

blog breakdown/ Google Reader I love you

Every morning (except when I am running out the door like a crazy woman) I make coffee in my old-fashioned percolator, then turn on the computer, check my email, check my bank accounts, and pull up ye olde Google Reader, one of the best inventions ever.

I am subscribed to a RIDICULOUS amount of blogs. RIDICK. REDONK, if you will. I can't even tell you how many, because I can't count that high. Of course I don't read them all everyday, so I always have 1000+ in the "unread items" countdown. However, these are the ones I check religiously:

  2. Melear-o-sphere
  3. Rahree
  4. Posie gets Cozy
  5. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
  1. Omiru
  2. Bits and Bobbins
  3. dress, design & decor
  4. Camp comfort
  1. Little Green Notebook
  2. I suwannee
  3. Making it Lovely
  4. My favorite and My best
O LORDY I CAN'T STOP! I JUST KEEP ADDING THEM! Who am I kidding? They are ALL "must read." CRIMINY!

what are YOUR must-read blogs???


  1. You know about the keyboard shortcuts? Type a question mark when you're in Google Reader.

    Using shortcuts can *dramatically* decrease the ammount of time it takes to get through all those blogs. Try it!

  2. I'm like you - always 1000+ on my reader. And yet I keep subscribing!

    My personal/lifestyle list looks a lot like yours, so here's my other favs:

    The Kitchn
    Go Fug Yourself
    Psychology Today
    Think Denk

    ...and yours, of course! :)