Thursday, December 03, 2009

smells like holiday spirit

I am settling into my own "real" pad for the first time in many years, having lived out of my suitcases for several and been in the airstream for several before that, and it is really fun! I considered a tree for the holidays, but took a look at the monkeys running around (and on top of) my coffee table and decided that might be a recipe for disaster.... so instead, I picked up 2 nice pieces of greenery that can be hung out of reach!

Above, mixed evergreens for the door, and below, a wreath of noble fir that I stuck throughout with bits of "gold" berries. My pics, as usual, kind of suck, but I am really pleased with the look and I LOVE the smell. My favorite thing for the holidays: candles that smell of evergreen. It is hard to find good ones that don't reek, but when you do get just the right one.... heaven.

In other, completely unrelated news:
How cool is this: Vocation Vacations. "Look before you leap. Test drive your dream job on a VocationVacation." Genius. Some career options I may or may not be considering: Oyster farmer, pro-wrestling ringside manager, shoe designer, sword maker, archeologist. Strangely, freelance opera director was not at the top of the list. hmm.

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