Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my new boyfriend

allow me to introduce my new boyfriend...
...and I don't even know his name yet.  Shocking.  He's a much younger man.  Approximately 3 weeks old.  We have seen each other naked.  I told you, shocking. 
He comes from a really large family (6 kids!) and not only does he still live with his mom, he has the audacity to bring the whole family to shack up with ME!  Even so, he's super sweet.  While I'm not sure this is a long term thing, it sure is fun for now!

For now, I just call him Big Red, but we are trying on other names.  Top of list:  Oliver, Sidney (in honor my new pal, boy-soprano Sidney Primm), Dozer (as in Bulldozer), Taft.   Suggestions???


  1. Dozer is an amazing name.

    Can i haz him? I've always wanted a ginger kitten!

    Please post lots of pictures. :)

  2. you have super taste in boyfriends. rawr! :)

  3. that kitty is the cutest thing I've ever seen