Saturday, July 10, 2010

Delights return

In an effort to get back to blogging AND as a reminder to myself of how much wonderfulness there is to be enjoyed in life, I bring back the "delights" series.....  simply a list of things that are delighting me. 

Here's today's list:
  1. Performances that move you in unexpected ways. 
  2. Talking to interesting new people. 
  3. Catching up with old friends.
  4. Putting on a new top and feeling pretty. 
  5. Seeing your younger colleagues succeed.
  6. Delicious red wine.
  7. The West Wing Season 1
  8. Great lines like this one (the beginning is paraphrased)... "I go to the theatre... Not to escape, but to connect."    Thank you, Gene Scheer.

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