Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter News

O lordy. I may be the worst blogger on record.  Having been firmly hassled by myriad rabid readers of late, I am at last succumbing to the pressure and offering up a little blog post.  The form:  a list, of course.

What is Up in my Life, or Why I have been a Horrible Blogger:
  1. Worked on Peter Grimes at HGO this season.  What a doozy of a show.  Tons of chorus work and it is not just standing around, singing pretty music.  Happy to work on it, happy to see it come to a close. 
  2. Trying to get things lined up for next season.  Its looking pretty good! More to follow on this, pronto.
  3. Spending lots of time with the man in my life.   Including a whirlwind vacation to lovely, wintery NYC.  See pics above and below!
  4. Getting work done on my Money Pit, I mean house.  As in foundation repair, reno of bathroom, new septic/sewage lines. Saving up now for a new roof.
  5. Singing (actually sobbing throughout) at my younger brother's wedding.  Who knew I was such a sap?  (I suppose the question should be who DOESN'T know?).  Story to follow if I am feeling brave.  In any case, the wedding was lovely, we love the bride, I think they are a great pair. Happy ending. 
  6. Spending lots of time getting ready for my spring work.  More info to follow.
  7. Packing madly for a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan.  A perfectly normal place to spend the week before Christmas, I say.  Houston Grand Opera is sending me there to work with a composer on a commission for a small show we are producing in the spring.  More info to follow.  

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