Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spring cleaning

So my boyfriend is away this weekend, visiting his family in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  When he asked me about attending MONTHS ago, I said "oh sure, that sounds fun...hope it works out."   Little did I know that to native New Orleanians, this is like Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.  When I stupidly took a job during this time period, I simply did not realize its import.  I thought it was much like missing a weekend bbq or a nephew's birthday party.  Little did I know. 
ANYWAY, suffice it to say, here I am, spending the weekend at home alone.  Nice for me: gorgeous weather. So while it is odd to find myself without any real social plans, I have tried to make the most of it..... i.e. spring cleaning.  I.e. "trying to turn this hovel into something bearable."  hahah

What I have done:
1.  Friday night:  Dungeness crab, Dos Equis, and Double Indemnity.  Yes, better with a pal to curl up with, but not too shabby a way to spend a Friday night.  :)
 2.  Sang a funeral.  No this does not sound fun, but it IS fun to sing a bit in a great space, possibly touch some folks that need a bit of musical healing,  and make some spare change.  Hollah!
3.  Dinner and a movie with some pals.  The Adjustment Bureau.  Totally enjoyable. Also I have been told that Emily Blunt may be my "celebrity who stars as you in the movie version of your life."   Verdict:  Totally flattering.
4.  Cleaning my bedroom.  Bought a cute wooden dresser at a yard sale and promptly set up shop in my bedroom, trying to be organized.  Went thru ALL of my clothes for the annual "what haven't you worn in 2yrs" clear out.  Hung some pics.  Room is looking fairly spiffy, if I do say so.

5. Yard Work!  Today I spent 6 hrs.  YES 6 HOURS!  raking, digging, mowing,  burning leaves and sticks, etc from my yard.  Why on earth did this take so long?   My yard is tiny.  But lordy does it need work.  My back is sore but I am feeling rather self satisfied. Stilll loads to do, but what a great start.  Yay!
6.  Finished the weekend with 2 margaritas at Original Ninfa's which was totally packed.  And totally delish.  

What still needs to happen:
1.  more yard action in the backyard.  sigh.
2.  washing dishes.
3.  straighten up living room

Am I a party animal or what???

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  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I totally buy Emily Blunt as you. Especially with the red hair she sports in that picture.