Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday delights

Just because I don't post 'em doesn't mean there aren't plenty of delightful things going on.... but here are a few for today:
  • morning workout  (not sure this qualifies as delightful, but I am delighted I have managed to keep doing it this week!)
  • catching up with an old friend. How can three years pass without notice?
  • gorgeous east coast foliage and weather
  • amazing home grown tomatoes   
  • chorus rehearsal for Sweeney Todd!  And delighted to BE delighted about chorus rehearsal!
Also, I have finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon (see feed to the right).  Come on over and follow me there, if you like.  Not really sure how to work it all, but I'm slowly learning. 

Have a happy Fourth of July weekend!

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