Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well I have been back home in Houston for just about two weeks. Two very hot, but fairly productive weeks! This is what I have done since my adventures with Sweeney Todd at Wolf Trap:
  1. Took my time driving from Washington DC to Houston with my boyfriend as co-pilot, making stops to visit my parents in Georgia, and his parents in New Orleans. Little to no bloodshed in the family meet-ups, lots of laughs. Verdict: good times, sore fannies (from the long drive!).
  2. Meet with the Tax Authority to protest the new valuation of my house: It had miraculously increased in value nearly $40,000 in just a year! Amazing! Especially since that valuation was $20,000 more than I paid for it just over a year ago! Luckily, the protest guy agreed with me and set the tax value of the house at my purchase price. Oh, home ownership.
  3. Have been tediously transcribing a literal translation in my Barber of Seville score; thinking about and studying the show; having major doubts about my ability to direct this piece well, interspersed with feeling really good about it.
  4. Assessing the situation and hiring contractors to do interior work in the tenant side of my duplex before my new tenant moves in. They are over there right now, re-tiling the bathroom. It's gonna be so pretty!
  5. Working my ever loving buns off on another major home project! The tenant side yard of my property was a total nightmare when I bought the place... there was once a concrete sidewalk but it was all broken and it basically looked like an earthquake had hit that side of the property. I had the concrete pieces taken out in the early summer and had hoped the mud would miraculously smooth out and grass would seed and all would be lovely. On my return I realized this was a fool's wish, and thus I have been spending my mornings creating this:  
  Can you even believe it?  I excavated and hauled sand and gravel and bricks and pavers and this morning it is done!  Now my side yard is jealous of the tenant side yard.  As well it should be.

Ok, off to be productive for today....  more soon?
What have you been doing with your August?

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