Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Friday

Friday morning, sitting on sofa in temporary apartment, Tulsa Oklahoma

This is the state of my life: I have become so insular that I am totally obsessed with the weather.
A cold front! Most exciting news ever. Will Houston get rain at last? Let's check 3 different radar scenarios. I can pretend it is a result of the ridiculous heat this summer and/or the drought which is trying to kill all of my plants, but really I think it is a result of some sort of strange neurosis that is taking over my life.

Or maybe it is an effort to ignore some other parts of my life that are about to completely rock my world. Namely, my long term boyfriend, with whom I have been enjoying a wonderful, lovely life in Houston, has just had a major career shift that involved transferring him to NYC. That's right.... New York, the city I fled 10 years ago for the more hospitable (southern -ish) atmosphere of my adored Houston.

So, here is what is happening:
Matt is in NYC now. I took him to the airport with a carload of bags last week. He is moving into his tiny (and we just learned: mouse infested!) sublet on the upper east side next week.
I am currently in Tulsa, doing a show.
After the show opens in October, I am going home for a week, and my parents will visit.
Theoretically, I will be going to nyc on Oct 17 and staying at least until Nov 30.
The fun twist: This first 90 days, he is actually on contract. At the end of this he may be kept in nyc, he may be moved to another office (his boss, for example, is in Germany), he may move on to another company. They MAY send him back to Texas! which would be GREAT! HAHAHA
So.... after Nov 30 WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN.  This is a really exciting time in my life. And by exciting, I mean I want throw up a bit. If he is kept in the NYC office, then he and I will have some talkin' to do over Christmas. Neither of us are interested in doing a "permanent" long term, so I may be returning to the city. I literally cannot wrap my mind around the idea of moving out of my house, so I probably will try to do some long term sublet. That is not such a normal thing in Houston, but it may be possible. we shall see.

So there is the full story, folks.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.... I am spending some time on final prep for my show (Barber of Seville!) and rehearsals begin in earnest on Saturday.  It is a RIDICULOUSLY SHORT rehearsal period, so we are off to the races!!!

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