Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Return to Houston

I am home in Houston!
Folks, we are coming up on a strange time in the life of Tara.  First some highlights:

1. Just finished up Barber of Seville at Tulsa Opera, working with some of my favorite people in the world.  It was not the easiest show to put up, but it turned out really beautifully, as this review will attest:  Tulsa "Barber" has Perfect Pitch.  Whoo hoo!
2.  Prepping for a visit with my family (they are coming here).  This generally means a house project.  I am thinking we may repair and repaint the arts-and-crafts historic screens on the house, though this morning my dad was talking about storm windows which would probably be a smart move.  Pretty sure there is not a window on my entire house that is square enough to make storm windows work.
3. This morning I found KITTENS in my shed!  Two adorable buttery orange kittens, look to be about a week old.  I was afraid they were orphans but I caught sight of the mom slipping away and then saw she was waiting for me to leave, hiding behind the shed, within earshot.  Good mama.  Nonetheless, if you need a pair of adorable kittens, I can hook you up.

So.... here's the news: my boyfriend has a new job which has at least temporarily relocated him to New York City.  He is there now, and I go to join him later in the month, when I will consider relocation as well.  Back to nyc.  I did not see this in my future plans. 

Ok, back to house cleaning and parent-preparations! Have a good week!

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