Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is this thing on?

Hello my friends.  I am so delinquent in writing.  But this is not news, is it?

I am on a gig right now.  The life of an itinerant performing artist is a constant flow of:
wishing you had a gig...
deep dread of doing the gig...
the odd exhilaration/stress/loneliness of being on a gig...
and then the sadness that the gig is over.   
It is a strange, strange life we lead.

I believe this is exacerbated when one is an introvert by nature.

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There are tons of great articles about this online, but the gist for me is this: though I like people and enjoy spending time with people, it is a drain on my energy.  I get "recharged" in my alone time.  Extroverts feel the opposite and think that people like me are insane. hahahahha

This Huffington Post article is enlightening:  Six Things You Thought Wrong about Introverts.

And of course there is a BuzzFeed for that: 27 Problems Only Introverts will Understand.

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