Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Drink this Delicious Drink: the Michelada

from Hungry Again
Let me tell you about the most perfectly satisfying and delicious cocktail in the known world:

 The Michelada.  

I cannot believe more folks do not know about this beverage.... it is salty, spicy, refreshing and inexpensive.  It is easy to make and there are endless variations.    But enough talk...

Begin with a normal pint glass.
Quarter a lime, then rub the rim with lime juice.
Dunk the rim of the glass in some coarse salt (margarita salt, if you have some lying around).
Add a few cubes of ice to the glass, then squeeze the rest of your lime on top.
Add several generous glugs of your favorite chili sauce.  Like Cholula or Tapatio.  I use a tablespoon or two.
Throw in a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  If you forget this, no biggie.
Pour in the mexican beer of your choice.  Tecate, Modelo.... your choice.
Stir.  Enjoy.

Some people add other spices. Some add Maggi, or even chicken broth.  Tomato juice or Clamato is popular.  I am a simple gal and cannot be trusted to have such fancy ingredients on hand. Luckily, the michelada is practically foolproof.   Enjoy one this evening. I will be!

A great article (and recipe) from the New York Times Magazine: "It's Michelada Time"
A nice blog post with some variant recipes: from Hungry Again

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