Sunday, May 13, 2007

David Zinn, my hero

Ok, I went to the opera this weekend and saw "The Cunning Little Vixen" by Janáček.
Janácek: The Cunning Little Vixen
I have been admiring this production from afar ever since I caught pictures of it online, and here it is, finally appearing in my hometown. It was a visual feast. a total delight. Primarily because of the work of my hero David Zinn. David Zinn is a designer of sets and costumes whose imagination sets my soul on fire. Seriously, I am totally infatuated with his work. It is whimsical and sophisticated all at once.

I spent most of the evening with my mouth hanging open in wonder and delight. The opera itself is a slightly challenging... not really a big story line, surprisingly little singing... but the music is gorgeous and design is extraordinary. really. I don't usually resort to such hyperbole, but there you are.

Exhibit A: the hen house.
These smartly dressed gals are CHICKENS, sitting around, laying eggs. COULD THEY BE MORE ADORABLE?

Exhibit B: the fox family.

What I love about these costumes is that they don't try to hide the fact that the singers are still clearly human beings. Human beings dressed as if they are in an adorable oilily campaign. I absolutely love the texture and innocence and playfulness.

You really should go ahead and click on these pics, as they will take you to the beautiful beautiful webpages of David Zinn, my hero, and Chas Rader-Sheiber, also my hero. In an hour or so, when you have finished looking, you will thank me.

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