Thursday, May 24, 2007

my friend, the NY Times source

My friend Doug is wildly famous. Not only has he appeared....suave cuff-links and all... on a craft segment of the Martha Stewart Show, he is now a highly sought after source for the New York Times. That's right, the NEW YORK TIMES, people. Read it and weep....

Exhibit A:

FASHION & STYLE | May 17, 2007
Mr. Right, It Turns Out, Does Not Take Classes
It’s difficult to find a man in a course, since men think they know it all already, or should.

You'll find the reference on page two of this incredibly depressing article. This is like something straight out of Sex and the City.

Sex and the City - The Complete Fifth Season (ps. they call the fifth season "the one without the men".)

Basically, it explains yet another really good reason that meeting an interesting & available straight man... wait, let us not even use the "interesting" limiter... is kind of like finding a unicorn. If the women of Manhattan can't find them---these lovely talented women, who have the 3.8 million men there basically trapped on an island---then what hope is there?

But back to Doug. Doug is one of those great people in your life that, even if you may not talk to them for months, the moment you pick up the phone, it is like you spoke the day before. He is smart and funny and cultured and thoughtful. I can't say enough great things about my pal. AND now he is wildly famous, with reporters knocking on his door and university types calling for his expert opinion. And I knew him way back when...

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