Sunday, May 20, 2007

Random sunday night

This evening I went to the painfully hip Cafe Brasil to hear some of my friends sing opera on the back patio. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the newish back patio was really nice and spacious (but not cavernous), and I was incredibly proud of my talented friends.

In other news: If you happen to be in upstate New York, you can stop in at the Living Word Assembly of God Church for PORN AND PANCAKES. Let me know how that works out, m'kay?

I am looking at my last week here in Houston. My time off, while not as productive as I had hoped, has been pretty enjoyable. And I did get some things accomplished. Hard to believe it has been a solid year since I was packing up to go to Merola for the summer. Ah Merola...

I call this one "Calvin and Hobbes and Josh."

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