Friday, November 30, 2007

tea for one please

(this pic is from a very interesting food blog: Jup's Pintoh)

I have a confession to make: I may have outgrown traveling by myself for pleasure. I am discovering this, unfortunately, on a trip (by myself) that has just begun and will last for another three weeks. Ah, life's little ironies.
Now before you imagine me throwing myself into the Thames or other, let me clarify.
1. You may recall that I am basically a homeless person anyway, so just going to work involves "traveling by myself." This makes doing it on my "vacation" time a little less special. The nice part about going on a job though, is the fact that I am forced to interact with other humans basically every day... and the same humans to boot, so relationships (of one kind or another!) are forged, etc.
2. This may surprise you, but I am finding that I am a fairly activity-driven person. This means I like to be doing stuff... not just going somewhere to LOOK at stuff, which is the primary activity in a leisure-based trip. Now the doing doesn't have to be wild at all... I spend a lot of time just eating my fingernails which is sometimes just the level of activity that makes me happy. But generally I do like something slightly more active/creative.
3. Another reason I am feeling slightly antsy on this leg of the trip is that I know it is just a short prelude to a much more involved part of the trip: the three weeks I am about to spend in Florence, packing my little brain with as much Italian as it can hold. Knowing I have this gargantuan task ahead of me, I am fairly unable to relax and just enjoy.

THAT SAID: London is really really lovely this time of year. It IS cold and damp, but we are seeing a bit of sunlight, and the trees are beautiful shades of yellow. It is just what you imagine an urban fall should be. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to wander around Notting Hill for a bit and then catch an exhibit.

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