Thursday, January 31, 2008

30 days to world domination

I had drinks last night with some very nice folks and at some point we got to talking about 30 day trials. This is a bewitching idea to me. I have lately been following the progress of blogger Steve Pavlina as he tried 30 days of eating raw food. He has done some pretty difficult 30 day trials... polyphasic sleeping, vegan, now raw food. I think my trials will be a little more modest... at least at the outset!

So what to try?!
1. exercise every day
2. floss every day (i know i know, don't strain yourself on the first go)
3. journal every day
4. blog every day
5. send one email to an old friend every day
6. spend 15 minutes studying italian every day
7. listen to 15 minutes of an opera i don't know every day
8. yoga every day
9. eat 3 pieces of fruit every day
10. write a new haiku every day

I came up with this list in about 55 seconds. So what's it gonna be?... stay tuned.

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