Thursday, January 10, 2008

O Magnum

Well, this morning I was doing my daily walk on the treadmill which includes listening to perhaps the strangest variety of music on record (Fergie, Philip Glass, Tallis, Justin Timberlake, Anthony & the Johnsons), and I realized I have not written a blog entry in several days. I do tend to fall off the earth a bit when in the midst of a new production, which generally happens every six weeks or so, no? Anyway, I was listening to some great tunes today and one really caught my ear: Morten Lauridsen's O Magnum Mysterium. LISTEN.
I am a total nerd for gorgeous choral music, and this one really takes me back to days at Shorter College, in Rome, Georgia. At Christmastime I made a little CD of "Music to Clean the Soul" and this number was definitely on the list. It has a combination of soaring vocal lines and lush stacked chords that just makes my heart sing. Music like this makes me glad to be alive... glad to have the privilege of hearing it...and makes me want to, just a little bit, run off and sing in a really good chorus again. For now I will just freak out the hotel cleaning staff by singing at the top of my lungs while walking the treadmill in a tiny exercise room in the Salt Lake City Marriott Courtyard.

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  1. Tara, we are soul mates. I love this piece so much. I love it for all the things you mentioned, and then the words! I swear, the line about the animals witnessing the newborn Christ gets me every time. Oh, Morten!