Friday, January 04, 2008

I am pure evil.

I discovered a site today which confirmed my already more-than-sneaking-suspicion that I may indeed be pure evil: Gigababy Presents

This site features dozens of pictures of innocent young children sitting on Santa Claus's lap, screaming their heads off. I sat on my bed and looked and laughed until tears were literally running down my cheeks. The more cavernously wide open mouths I saw, the funnier it got. Pure. evil.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    A great collection! I love the ones with the calm older sibling(s) smiling into the camera, seemingly oblivious to the screams.

  2. My daughter refuses Santa Claus' lap or any contact with him. She tells him straight up I do not want to sit ona strangers lap....

  3. Oh, my friend. How I LOVE when I'm reading posts in my Google Reader and something catches me off guard; I laugh forever and THEN look at who posted it which makes me laugh even more. This was definitely one of those times. You are too much and I love it.