Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Take 5 seconds

I watched this video the other day at the prompting of my pal Chad Sloan, and I swear the contents of said video now run through my head at least 7 times a day. It is just so useful! Take 5 seconds to watch, but first, pick a motivation (all real motivations from my life recently):
1. "I hate to tell you this, Miss Assistant Director, but both of your leading men may be too sick to sing tonight."
2. "Out of coffee?! How can that be?!"
3. "Well, you were at the top of our list to direct the new production of Pagliacci at the Met, but at the last moment we decided to go with Julie Taymor."

(ok, that last one is not real, but the reaction still works.)

In other news, remember that Shirley Bassey song I wrote about a couple of days ago?....

(special thanks to videomen Chad and Tanner)

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  1. The New Oregonian11:10 AM

    And now I'm EVEN happier in my heart than I was three minutes ago.