Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 22: impending death

This morning I woke up very early with a feeling of cold cold fear deep in the pit of my stomach. I am trying to convince myself this is just excitement, or will soon turn into excitement, but in my heart I know it is fear: today I am going white water rafting in the freezing waters of the Colorado mountains.

Or rather, the entire stage management and directing staff (plus the Technical Director) of Central City Opera is going rafting. In one boat. Together. Might be a short season. hehe. (I kid so as to avoid sobbing.)

I am sure it will be great once we are all suited up in our wetsuits and shivering on the open water. Really.
Stay tuned...

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  1. I remember when I went rafting in 40 degree water when I was in Boy Scouts. Dad was doing just fine (temperature-wise) in his poncho until splash of water managed to come in through the head hole and run down his back.

    At one point we passed a sign that said "scouting recommended" and I thought aloud "I'd recommend it to! This is fun!"