Monday, July 07, 2008

We survived!!!

The title says it all, no? heheh
If you are looking for me in the pic, I am the one in the back right next to our dreamy river guide. This is a very butch look for me, no? My other boatmates include our stage manager, assistant stage manager, my roommate (stage manager for West Side Story), another assistant director and his boyfriend.

Here we are, working our way through one of 5 rapids on our route, "Deliverance"....

Happy to report we lost no one from our boat all day long! Sadly, this cannot be said of our entire group.... right after we made our way through a particularly nasty spot, the 2nd boat completely capsized, and we had to pull over quickly so the guide could assist in a rescue. DRA-MAH.

In any case, we all made it home safe and sound, slightly frozen, and exhilarated.


  1. Woohoo! One more thing to make me long for Santa Fe . . .

  2. Amazing! You're the coolest!