Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 25: my first treasury!

Today, after lurking and trying half-heartedly for months, I got my first treasury on Etsy!! See it here: Pink Lemonade is for Girls.

an actual screen shot of the lovely thing....

So, what the heck does this even mean, you might ask. Well, here's the deal: on Etsy, the online craft community where I have a little shop, the treasury is a place where you can curate your own little gallery. I have made sample treasuries in the past, that I displayed on this blog, but I have yet to garner a spot on the Etsy site. The spots are hard to come by... you must wait until enough lists expire that there are only 333 current lists, and then hope you are one of the first few to grab an open spot. Right this moment, for instance, there are 624 lists, so it will be days before any available spots even open up. This is all very complicated, but trust me, it is a thrill to be able to post my very own list. And if I keep my fingers crossed and am very good and very lucky, my list may be chosen for the front page of Etsy.... so it would be the first thing visitors see when they come to the shop. This is probably a pipe dream, but a girl can hope, right? hehe

Anyway, get thee over there and check it out!.

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