Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"Bales of Hay" by Old Shoe Woman

So I made the 14 hour drive from Houston to Georgia on Monday, and due to the mess from hurricanes on the southern route, took the "northern" route to my parents' house.... through Shreveport and Vicksburg and Birmingham, etc. My timing was great and I found myself gazing at vistas like the one above right about sunset, when they are at their very prettiest. The south is a beautiful place, folks. I am so excited to be in Atlanta for part of the fall.... wish it were just a bit later, but it should be a lovely time, nonetheless.

Tomorrow is day one of rehearsals for Madama Butterfly at Atlanta Opera. It is my first job at this company and I am hoping it goes well for a number of reasons. I tend not to write very much about work... even if I have great things to say, saying them here would point out the times that I DON'T have great things to say, ya know.... so I just keep it close to the vest regarding specifics about work.

This month should be kind of insane, however:
1. Working Butterfly
2. Prepping Tender Land (proposal for a competition)
3. Prepping for Utah gig... A Night in Vienna
4. Prepping for Hansel & Gretel
5. Considering work options in Nov/Dec
6. Prepping for Titus Andronicus (with Dominic Walsh Dance Theater) which is in full tech the MOMENT I arrive back in Houston
6. Seeing family and friends while in the Atlanta area

That should keep me fairly well occupied, I believe.

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