Monday, December 08, 2008

My winter vacation

I have a secret desire to work as a florist, so anytime I get the chance to act on that desire, I pounce! Case in point: the Houston Chamber Choir (of which I am a member for this holiday season) was needing a little "brightening" for the holiday concert.... I dreamed up a little something, made the pitch to the man in charge, and he bit!
So this is how I have spent a few drizzly afternoons:
some for men...
and some for women...

and look at 'em all ready to go in their bins..... pretty.... sparkly....

I think we can safely say I am a horrible photographer. But I have a knack with the holly berry, folks.

If you wanna see some really gorgeous work with corsages see Laurie Cinotto's Etsy Shop (Laurie of Itty Bitty Kitty Committe fame). She works with vintage materials to create one of a kind masterpieces. And basically I wanna grow up and be Janie Medley, a florist with breath-takingly beautiful taste. See her lovely work HERE.

Anyhoo... if you ever need some flowers whipped up, drop me a line. I am cheap. And my floral work doesn't cost much, either. .... ba dum dum.

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