Monday, December 01, 2008

Reasons to live in Houston in the Winter: Fitness Edition

I see the look on Homer's face here, and up until lately I could completely empathize. BUT NOT NOW FOLKS. I AM A JOGGING MACHINE, THANKS TO SUZ'S COUCH TO 5K PODCASTS. This is me now:
Ok, not really, but I kid you not, listening to these podcasts has me jumping out of bed, whistling while I lace up my new sneakers and head to the streets.

Based on some fancy other running program that I also tried, but could not bear the featured new-age techo music, Suz talks you through a series of jogging/walking intervals. Just when you feel as if you might explode, it is time for another "cool-down" walk! Miracle! Every week the running intervals get a little longer, and pretty soon I will be running marathons for fun. Probably not, but I WILL be a little more in shape, by crikey.

Did I mention that this particular podcast relies heavily on hiphop music... which is what makes it so awesome. But also rather explicit. Consider yourself warned. Not everyone has an inner gansta like me. Anyway, visit Suz if you are interested in becoming a fitness super model like me.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you like my podcasts. I tried to do the techno set last year and it was not working! I just had to make my own :)

  2. Pamela3:19 PM

    Ok Tara.... I am taking your advice on this one! :) I am downloading today and beginning tomorrow afternoon. Next time you see me i will be a running fool. ;) Thanks for the tip! I can not WAIT to get to 80s week... small goals!

  3. that couch to 5k thing sounds amazing. I wonder who told you about that? Hmmm...