Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tubesday: Carmina edition, or...WTF??!!

This morning I was looking for that awesome vid that provides a "translation" of Orff's "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana while displaying helpful images.... the one that begins "O Four Tuna! Bring more tuna! Statuary on its knees!". I had embedded this video some time ago but it has been removed from YouTube. What?!

Anyway, I ran across this little tidbit: a Carmina movie!!!! This particular section features a part of the "Court of Love." If you do not have the patience to listen to the entire clip (and want to miss the pretty stuff because something is wrong with you and you hate pretty music), I beg you to begin at 4:00. Trust me.
Sidebar: I sang the soprano solos in this piece about 100000 years ago and I can remember sitting there, waiting to sing "In trutina" (one of the most beautiful, sustained and difficult pieces I have ever sung in public) just trying to keep my heartbeat slow and not throw up. This section begins at 1:50 in the clip... if you hear what is coming before you will understand what I mean.

P.S. this soprano cheats and does not hold out the low D for the entire 12 measures at the end of each phrase. Cheater. Cheaters never win. But apparently the do get to mud-wrestle with Hermann Prey. See video.

um..... WTF!? Antiquated technology aside, I kind of freaking love this.

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