Tuesday, January 06, 2009

7 Random Things

It is my first meme!
Thanks to SuperGreek for tagging me!

7 Random Things About Me

1. I have about 5 different fully-executable wedding plans ready to go in my head. Not that I have a husband picked out or anything..... I used to imagine that one day I would be a wedding planner and thus did a lot of research, etc, to that end. I am a girl who likes pretty things. Bite me.

2. I generally read Little Women at least once a year. Usually when I am home for Christmas. Those girls are just so GOOD...even (especially?) pesky Jo who seems to struggle with it a bit more. Their sweet and generous spirits are inspiring to this one whose heart may have been replaced with a lump of coal somewhere along the way.

3. This is not really a secret, but it is kind of wierd: I really love being around people... until I DON'T and then I must escape immediately. This is why I almost always drive myself to social events unless I know the event has a definite ending point.

4. I like bananas, but despise banana-flavored things.

5. I am freakishly scared of having my blood taken. It is completely irrational, completely beyond my control, and completely humiliating.

6. I was once in the finals of a beauty pageant (I could stop here, actually. hehe). They were asking the questions and this was mine, "If you could control all medical research for a year, what disease would you have them cure?" I could feel the entire audience breathing "AIDS" toward me (this was the early 90's), but my answer? "umm.... I think... umm.... the.... common cold. Because so many people are suffered by it." SWEET BABY JESUS! 'SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERED BY IT?!' WHAT THE H, WOMAN? This pretty much wrapped up my beauty pageant adventures. And gave me a special sense of kinship with that poor "some people out there in our nation dont have maps and that I believe our education like such as South Africa and the Iraq, and everywhere, such as" girl from South Carolina.

7. I do not have a sinus cavity in one side of my head. We discovered this when I had a sinus infection for about an entire year and went in to have X-rays for sinus surgery. It's true... I am an actual bonehead. hehe

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  1. You could have been a YouTube celebrity! There's still time.