Sunday, January 04, 2009

A year of learning

New Year's Resolutions. Seems like I make the same ones every year.... anyone else have this issue? This year I want to try something new: one big one for the year, one smaller one every month...... in the hope that I will be more successful at KEEPING them!

Resolution for the year: Every month, I will watch a DVD of an opera. I really want to be more knowledge-able, in a general way, about this genre. Obviously, I know many operas very well, but if I have not had occasion to work on a piece, chances are I have not spent much time on it.

So... sending it out to my lovely readers.....suggestions for must-see DVDs?? Please leave a comment and I will keep you all posted on the monthly lineup!


  1. I highly recommend the "Figaro" from Salzburg 2006 with Anna Netrebko. It's not exactly my aesthetic, and definitely the most depressing version of this opera I can imagine, but it's inventive, interesting, and just plain beautiful. And available on Netflix. :)

  2. THEODORA, Handel, Glyndebourne. Lorraine Hunt, Dawn Upshaw, David Daniels, Richard Croft, Peter Sellars being brilliant.

  3. If you're in Houston when you watch them, please invite me! I love watching operas on DVD. I can even host if you don't mind my huge 12"... TV screen. What?!

  4. IssacOpera: you are on... but you need to be prepared for some fast-forward action. I am a woman of short attention span. :)